Read and Sign Waiver Here​

  1. Each child will use the same equipment throughout class and sharing will be eliminated/minimized.

  2. We highly encourage you to bring your own soccer ball for our soccer classes and bat for t-ball classes. We will have some for use at the field but would like to minimize sharing. You are required to bring a glove for the t-ball class.  

  3. Coaches will set up markers for kids to sit/stand by as our "magic line". This is the spot where kids will wait and receive directions for the next activity. 

  4. Parents are required to stay on the field close by if assistance is needed.

  5. Children will keep the same equipment throughout class minimizing sharing. 

  6. Parents are required to read and sign our health waiver stating that you will check your child's temperature before each class. Children with a temperature over 99.6 are not able to participate for that class.

  7. Children do NOT have to wear masks. 

  8. Parents ARE required to wear masks on location.