Keep the kids healthy and your appearance professional.  

Scroll to bottom for Equipment Cleaning Procedures.

Coach Jersey:

cost is $20 for another jersey.  Wear an undershirt when possible.  On cold days, please wear your coach shirt visible on the outside of long-sleeves, or ask to purchase a COACH Hoodie. 

Other Materials:

Whistle, Lanyard, Coach Binder, Manuals, small First Aid kit, clean rag, spray Bottle, & ball pump

Storage Equipment:

footballs, t-ball sets, tennis rackets, golf clubs, floor hockey (and some extra soccer balls).

+Plus bubbles and colored ball buckets.

*Storage unit locations:

1) office shed padlock, 2) Storage Place Redlands Unit 2002 code & padlock, 3) Price Storage Rancho Unit 2015 code & key required

Standard Coach Equipment Set:  

12 hoops, 12 pylons, 12 cones, 12 multi-balls, 12 beanbags, 12 pinnies, 1 rope, & 1 bucket of tennis balls


Leader Coaches, Mentors, and Masters are required to clean their standard set of equipment at least three times per year.  

Instructors receive $20 for cleaning everything up, as long as it is completed within 30 days of April 1st, August 1st, and December 1st.  Send a BEFORE & AFTER photo of the multi-purpose balls to get your $20.

INSTRUCTIONS:  It should take about an hour or so.

1.        CHECK over tennis balls and wipe down ball bucket, 

2.       WIPE down cones, pylons, mouse catchers, and hoops with a rag with multi-purpose cleaner on it,
3.       WASH mesh bag(s) with bean bags, rope, & pinnies inside the bag > wash in the washing machine
4.       SCRUB every large ball with dish soap and a scour pad > best to wear rubber cleaning gloves


Thank you!!  

cleaning before.jpg
cleaning after.jpg